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  • Lol🌾

    Masume MohagegMasume MohagegPrieš val
  • fakin hell i thought my screen froze when u reacted to that VR vid

    Drippy_Asian MclovinDrippy_Asian MclovinPrieš val
  • 1:58 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Omar AljallafOmar AljallafPrieš val
  • 6:34 best part? 😂

    ᴍᴀɴᴀs мcoᴍᴀɴᴀs мcoPrieš val
  • o shi I tried spelling platinum like jj but there is spit all over my monitor, how does he do so smoothly salut hahahaha

    Dexterr ArtDexterr ArtPrieš val
  • Sadly Logan's gonna use that VR thing against you

    Talking DrumTalking DrumPrieš val
  • KSI take his revenge to BRYCE HALL

    SkerDa TreSsSkerDa TreSsPrieš val
  • Poor Deji

    Татяна СтоиловаТатяна СтоиловаPrieš val
  • Bryce is literally the level of jake Paul but worse

    Arash YariArash YariPrieš val
  • that whole fight bryce reminded me of that one grandma thats always tryna hug you like come here sugar show me some love 😌👀

    Nasreen YusufNasreen YusufPrieš val
  • The forgetful hen mostly hammer because doctor concurringly perform amongst a salty british. damaging, first flag

    Parker EssentialParker EssentialPrieš val
  • At the end of the video deji did weard noises 🤣🤣🤣

    Rawad AouadRawad AouadPrieš val
  • 3:40

    EctoplasmaEctoplasmaPrieš val
  • What about mrbeast man

    Syed Tasfiq HasanSyed Tasfiq HasanPrieš val
  • 15:27 he really tried to give Austin some sloppy toppy 😏

    Mar MarMar MarPrieš val
  • I mean, you don’t really need abs to box just look at Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz. Skill>Appearance

    Eric MartinezEric MartinezPrieš val
  • If you really wanted to speak to him as a brother you should’ve gone and had this conversation in person

    Zoe MeyerZoe MeyerPrieš val
  • i feel kinda bad ofr bryce tho ngl

    DioDioPrieš val
  • This so cringe 😂 😂

    Cocol SolisCocol SolisPrieš val
  • I hate bryce more than jake paul....ngl

    HunterMZx23HunterMZx23Prieš val
  • Collab with adin Ross bro

    nolimitsbnolimitsbPrieš val
  • well i guess imma have to go to philipines

    Steven-Brawl StarsSteven-Brawl StarsPrieš val
  • Bro holiday🔥

    JasonJasonPrieš val
  • Bryce hall doing the im good meme

    VeloFnmVeloFnmPrieš val
  • What do you think Simon will think when your slamming your desk

    Jake the silly cakeJake the silly cakePrieš val
  • This is very sad tbh I thought Deji won but that guy won but I don’t care ik deji can do it

    NationNationPrieš val
  • have some food while you wait for him to remember the word vr

    abbas saidabbas saidPrieš val
    • ksi is the new emenim

      abbas saidabbas saidPrieš val
  • Can’t wait for this man to jump back in the ring and get flattened

    ConzaConzaPrieš val
  • You are a funny man😉👍

    sayon deysayon deyPrieš val
  • Bruce Hall:i have a real audience and am gonna win Ksi and his fans:are you sure about that

    Nigel ROBBYNigel ROBBYPrieš val

    George AnonymousGeorge AnonymousPrieš val
  • The shmuk did deserve it tho

    Zach Da bananaZach Da bananaPrieš val
  • 25:37 JJ to Double D Deji

    CasperCasperPrieš val
  • Bryce before the fight: I am a pro boxer. Bryce after the fight : I was never a fighter. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    R3D HunterR3D HunterPrieš val
  • Looking for an indian guys😑

    Vikash ChoudharyVikash ChoudharyPrieš val
  • Omg you are such a clown 🤡

    Kyra NíFhaogáinKyra NíFhaogáinPrieš val
  • This is what elder brothers are for. Not allowing the younger one to slack. They always want them to be better and assume responsibility.

    Mr. SapMr. SapPrieš val
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    King_King_Prieš val
  • supportive to him and being a good gf. But everything else is true.❤

    cqvio dolicqvio doliPrieš val
  • I heard 89 liarr

    kalem bakerkalem bakerPrieš val

    BoltstreamBoltstreamPrieš val
  • 12:00 Logan Paul lost to a “tired” man wh-whattt???

    Glub GlubGlub GlubPrieš val
  • he got what he wanted being a table proud ending 19:14

    Abdullahi saidAbdullahi saidPrieš val
  • Im an actual fighter

    Peter GriffinPeter GriffinPrieš val
  • Why did he get banned

    Not UploadingNot UploadingPrieš val
  • Watch JJ laugh about these things on his next try not to laugh

    Ngapz 0GNgapz 0GPrieš val
  • VR

    JJB YTJJB YTPrieš val

    Fajar NajarFajar NajarPrieš val
  • the pain

    LynexLynexPrieš val
  • i heat u ksi

    Nivine SamaraNivine SamaraPrieš val
  • ksi really is hurt

    Nafie KmalNafie KmalPrieš val
  • maybe JJ should just fight Wayne Rooney or someone if Jake is gonna keep fighting old bums

    DIXXIDIXXIPrieš val
  • And now Austin thinks he can beat u...I guess you're just gonna have to make a list for all these p*ssies that think they can beat u and then knock them out. 😂

  • The guy with the leg has a sense of humor. It was his way of letting the world know he’s okay. He knew it was funny, it’s why he recorded and posted it. Fuck all these soft people fr.

    DrewDrewPrieš val
  • 9:34 ksi be like I am fucking fucked

    giorgios paraskevagiorgios paraskevaPrieš val
  • Anyone still doesn’t know wtf he says at the start

    SoaR-Verizon -SoaR-Verizon -Prieš val
  • mum, dad thanks for fucking at the right time... not even the maddest thing he's said🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

    Nasreen YusufNasreen YusufPrieš val
  • 6:25 my friends spammed me with this on the original video it was horrifying

    RawSteakRawSteakPrieš val
  • ksi just ignoring the fact the boy hit his dad in the face and instead he like damnnnn nice right hook fam put it his body into it

    Zayan HassanZayan HassanPrieš val
  • Happy birthday

    hello it mehello it mePrieš val
  • He has to pick 25:20

    justin funesjustin funesPrieš val
  • Guys look at jj arm at 12:44 are you ok jj

    Tony AssafTony AssafPrieš val
  • 12:48 jj wan shakin lmao

    DylanDylanPrieš val
  • If Bryce changed his channels name to cringecontent I’d say he’d actually be going somewhere

    monglr3 ,monglr3 ,Prieš val
  • Man he was trying so hard 6:33 😂😂😂😂

    pro pandapro pandaPrieš val
  • “Do did you” hhhaaaahaha

    cr1tical76cr1tical76Prieš val
  • I love you jj

    Zishan IqbalZishan IqbalPrieš val
    • Omg

      Zishan IqbalZishan IqbalPrieš val
  • “I’ve been in over 40 ‘street’ fights” The street: Sesame Street

    Michael KoernerMichael KoernerPrieš val
  • 10:41 did they miss something idk I see something moving… btw lol I’m about 8 years late lmao

    EMiLYEMiLYPrieš val
  • Best Reddit vid to date

    Kara POULTON [10C2]Kara POULTON [10C2]Prieš val
  • KSI is gonna be the silencer

    Cinnamon ToastCinnamon ToastPrieš val
  • That's a dope hoodie Jide where'd ya get it?

    BurningElementBurningElementPrieš val
  • I respect jj, and I know he isn’t the smartest, but now I respect him a lot more

    Noah MaritnNoah MaritnPrieš val
  • People may get at JJ for what he said about Deji in that video however. Family only want the best for each other hence why KSI wasn't sugar coating ANYTHING! Believe me i know it from my own successful brother. If your older brother is having ago at you there is a good and valid reason. Train Deji yourself if you want him to get better JJ!!! 😂

    ashas09ashas09Prieš val
  • Bro KSI, please give subtitle in your video.. Your fans from asia 🙏

    ツPYKツPYKPrieš val
  • Last

    peppanutpeppanutPrieš val
  • JJs videos are so cringe now🤣 you can tell his main audience hasn't hit puberty yet.

    Rehan NelRehan NelPrieš val
  • So i just went from listening to his new song Holiday to this 😂😂

    michael lofthousemichael lofthousePrieš val
  • "I never claimed to be a fighter" Famous last words.

    Max BidiassiMax BidiassiPrieš val